Five Best Things that will make your Bahamas Vacation Unforgettable

For any traveler, the iconic Bahamas is one of the best and most coveted tropical destinations in the Caribbean region. My friend who visited this island last year. I met him at richardson plumber office. He told me that the island is known for its stretched cays, shimmering beaches, sparkling sand, incredibly beauty, glorious landscape, glittering ocean, and amazing marine life. It’s, however, important to note that the Bahamas has much more to offer. Nassau, the Island’s capital is riddled with rum houses, colonial history, and lots of things that amuse and entertain visitors. If you’re wondering what you can explore and do in this Caribbean Island, here are five best things that will make your vacation here unforgettable.

Enjoy the Bahamas Beauty on Pink Sands Beach

While you can still have a good time at the gaudy casino complexes of the Bahamas capital, it’s important you don’t miss the quintessentially Caribbean experience at the Pink Sands Beach. You don’t have to remain in the booming resorts all the time. You can find this Beach towards the east coast of Harbor Island, north of Dunmore Town.

Visitors come to the Pink Sands Beach to explore the coral gardens, sand banks, and soft shoreline as they unwind and relax on the palm-topped sunbeds and umbrellas. Catch a mean at one of the boutique hotels here before you head back to the pink-hued sands. The ultimate Caribbean experience can be found here.

Swim with Dolphins on Salt Cay Island

Salt Cay, also referred to as the Blue Lagoon Island is a top attractions for families in the Bahamas. Pirate buccaneers once used this island as a hideaway before it became a training ground for divers during World War II. Visitors come here to explore the gorgeous stretches of white sand on the shoreline, the wildlife and an inland lagoon, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea at the McCutcheon’s Tower. Travelers also get the opportunity to swim with dolphins. Don’t forget this is the home of the Dolphin Encounters program.

Go Beachcombing and Caving at a Wild Landscape

Take up the role of a spy and peer into the caverns so you can explore jungle creatures and sleeping bats at the Lucayan National Park. The forty-acre slab in Grand Bahama’s southern coast features beaches, weaving boardwalks, pine forests, caverns, underwater cave systems, mangrove swamps, and wildlife. Bird watchers also have plenty of opportunities to explore here. The Park allows visitors to learn about different ecosystems and underwater cave systems supported in this environment.

Take a Ride at the Paradise Island Water Park

On the northern fringes of Bahama’s capital lies the Paradise Island Water Park, a family-friendly park with oodles of splash pools and winding water slides. This is the perfect place for travelers seeking to have some adrenaline rush. There’s the Leap of Faith where you can be shot swiftly down towards the Aztec temple through a darkened hole before landing in the water. From adult-only water pools to shimmering white beaches, the Paradise Island Water Park has so much for you to enjoy.

Shop in Port Lucaya Marketplace

Your vacation in the Bahamas is not over until you visit the Port Lucaya Marketplace. You simply can’t leave this beautiful island before spending the better part of your day shopping here. The marketplace features over forty boutique outlets selling local art pieces and straw crafts. Standing tall on the harbor’s edge of Freeport, Port Lucaya is home to numerous cafes, eateries, and hole-in-the-wall food vendors where visitors can enjoy the local cuisine.